U14+ Skate Rollerski- Fairview HS

Fairview High School 1515 Greenbriar Blvd, Boulder

Meet at following locations at 4:30pm Group A: Grass Island at south end FHS Parking Lot Group B: Island with Trees in FHS Parking Lot Group C: South West Corner FHS Parking Lot Group D: South East Corner FHS Parking Lot Group […]

XC-Ski: U16+OYO Skate Rollerski

Workout type: XC-Ski 2.5-3 hour Skate rollerski Ideas: Lefthand Canyon, Sunshine Canyon, Road to Rabbit Mountain Planned Time: 2:00

Strength: U16+ Strength

Workout type: Strength Core- work for 45/rest for 15 1) Bicycle Sit-up 2) Side Plank with top leg lifts- right 3) Rower Sit-up 4) Side Plank with top leg lifts- left Hamstring Work- RDL Complex 1) Single Leg RDL (no extra weight)- […]

XC-Ski: U16+ OYO Skate Rollerski

Workout type: XC-Ski OYO Skate Intervals Warm-Up: Do your preferred race warm-up Main workout: 5 by 6 min at 15-20k race pace (L3) with 4 min recovery between intervals Cool-down 10 min Planned Time: 1:30

XC-Ski: U14+ Classic Rollerski- Spring Valley Road

Workout type: XC-Ski 8:00am Meet at Spring Valley Road and Linden Ave 1.5 hour classic ski with 30 minute double pole work on double pole technique Finished at 9:30am Planned Time: 1:30

XC-Ski: U16+ Trail Run with Poles NCAR

Workout type: XC-Ski 8:00 Meet at NCAR Warm up 20 minutes 5x 4 minutes Bounding intervals 4 minute rest between Cool Down 15 minutes Finished at 9:30 Planned Time: 1:30