Race Schedule: 2023-24 Racing Season

(Please note that the schedule is preliminary and is subject to change)

1. Dec 16-17, Snow Mountain Ranch. First day classic individual, Second day skate mass start.

2. January 26-27 (note Friday and Saturday), Soldier Hollow. First day classic sprint, second day skate individual.

3. Feb 9-10 (note Friday and Saturday), Vail (Maloit Park). First day classic mass start, second day skate individual.

4. Feb 24-25, Frisco. First day Skate sprint, second day classic mass start.

5. March 2-3, Snow Mountain Ranch, U14- festival. First day classic individual, second day nordic X sprint. 

Senior Nationals: Jan 2-7, Soldier Hollow.

Junior Nationals: March 11-16, Lake Placid.