Welcome! Before you register…

Whether you are a returning athlete or are joining for your first time, please have the following information ready for the registration process:

  1. USSA Numbers: Each participating athlete must already be registered as a USSA member. An athlete who will be racing should register as a Competitor in the appropriate age group. An athlete who will not be racing can register as a General Member. Parents who ski at Eldora outside posted operating hours must also be USSA members and have a USSA number.
  2. FIS Number: Competitive U16+ athletes should have a FIS number, which can be obtained as part of USSA registration. Their FIS number allows them to track their international ranking, an important metric if they are considering skiing collegiately or internationally.
  3. Tier: Which membership tier (see below) will your athlete be joining?
  4. Transportation: What are your transportation plans? If your athlete is eligible to ride in a van to and from practice, please know which days they will ride and be aware of the associated fees.
  5. Volunteering: Be prepared to choose your parent volunteer activities. During the registration process, you will be required to commit to your volunteer activities to fulfill the requisite hours.

Please note the team participation fee below does not include fundraising commitment, volunteer commitment, camps, travel, or transportation amounts. These will be added as specified during the registration process, or for USSA must be done separately before registering:

  • Tier 1 Development Team (U10-U14 skiers): $1050 by September 30, $1150 thereafter.
    Train 3 days per week (Tue, Thu, Sat).
  • Tier 2 Junior Comp Team (U14-U20 skiers): $1250 by September 30, $1350 thereafter
    Train 4 days per week (Tue, Wed, Thu, Sat).
  • Tier 3 Comp Team (U16-U20 skiers): $1500 by September 30, $1600 thereafter
    Train 5 days per week (Tue, Wed, Thu, Sat, Sun).

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