Welcome ski parent!

Nordic skiing is an amazing lifetime family sport.

Your Responsibilities:

  • Mandatory Volunteering: Parent participation is an essential part of our team’s cohesiveness and success, and each family should expect to contribute noticeable time and energy to sustain the growth of their skiers and vitality of the club. Please see our detailed information about volunteering to fulfill your requirement.
  • Fundraising Commitment: A $300 per skier fundraising deposit will be collected at time of registration. The fundraising commitment is a way to keep team fees lower for families and skiers who fundraise. Fundraising received or credited through April 30 will count toward the fundraising requirement. If a family fulfills any or all of the fundraising obligation by April 30, the amount raised will be refunded. This commitment may be met by getting an independent corporate sponsorship, associating grocery or other charity cards with BNJRT, or participating in fundraising events organized by the team like the ski-a-thon.
  • Transportation: Parents are responsible for transporting all U8 – U14 athletes to and from practice and races.
  • Athlete Preparedness: If a U10 – U14 athlete arrives at a practice or race without adequate food, drink, warm clothing or the necessary gear, parents must either find a warm place to wait with their child or transport them home. Remember your trail pass and headlamp!
  • Eldora ski passes: An Eldora Nordic ski pass is required at all times to ski at the Eldora Mountain Resort Nordic Center. We encourage all family members to purchase Eldora Nordic season passes so that parents can ski while your athletes practice.
  • Eldora after-hours waiver: To ski during after-hours team practice, all skiers including parents must have already signed an Eldora after-hours waiver. The after-hours waiver is only available at the Nordic Center during regular business hours.
  • BNC membership: It is highly recommended that all BNJRT families should also join the Boulder Nordic Club to support the local nordic scene, especially in-town skiing.

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